Roel's fantastic wrap-round cover for the long-awaited PRIMORDIA Hardcover.

The PRIMORDIA graphic novel is currently listed in the July PREVIEWS catalogue for release in September. Ask your favorite comic store owner to order you a copy! Roel’s amazing art must be seen to be believed. This is the definitive edition of our stone-age faerie tale, with tons of extras that weren’t in the original comic.  

Here’s a recap of the contents: 

– The original PRIMORDIA was written as 96-page graphic novel, but it was split into three chapters and released in ’07-08 as three issues (32 pages each). So first and foremost, this hardcover presents the story in its originally intended format: You should be able to read it in one satisfying sitting. 

– The Mighty Roel has provided a gorgeous new wrap-around cover (see above). 

– I’ve contributed a never-before-released short story that looks beyond the end of the graphic novel. It’s called THE TALE OF THE DAWN CHILD, a saga ripped from the pages of the Book of Neptor (God of Wisdom and Secrets). 

– Roel did a great new full-page illustration for the new short story!  


– We have a pin-up gallery from such stellar talents as Alex Sheikman (ROBOTIKA), Chandra Free (THE GOD MACHINE), Tom Scioli (GODLAND), and the talented Jack Keefer. 

– Behind-the-scenes sketches from Roel shed light on the development of the story, AND you’ll see the original 8-page PRIMORDIA Ashcan (mini-comic) written and drawn by ME before I teamed up with Roel. It’s a fascinating look at a scene I drew, inked, and lettered myself, but which Roel then drew later from my full script…without ever seeing the version I had done! Of course, his pages are far superior to mine, but it’s fun to compare the original scene to the final scene. 

The cover of the all-Fultz PRIMORDIA Ashcan...a relic of the pre-Roel era.

Kat Rocha of TITANIUM RAIN fame.

   – The great Kat Rocha (TITANIUM RAIN) contributed a tasty introduction for the book. 

If you’re going to San Diego Comicon, you’ll (hopefully) be able to get your copy early at the Archaia booth! 

For more previews visit the PRIMORDIA site:



  PRIMORDIA, pages 44-45, a nice battle scene two-page spread by the Mighty Roel. Alleyar’s Sun Tribes wage war against Driniel and the Night Tribes.