Gorgeous Paul Gulacy cover from a recent JONAH HEX issue. Such a great comic deserves far better than it got from Hollywood.

Terrific article here about exactly WHY the Jonah Hex movie sucked so terribly: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.reuters.com/what-hollywood-can-learn-from-jonah-hex-reuters 

As a huge fan of the ongoing comic series (and the original seventies series) I was pretty bummed to see the movie version go so apallingly off the rails into camp action bullsh*t territory. This article delves into some of the reasons why things went so wrong, and points out some great rules for movie producers to live by. I especially like this passage: 

DC's black-and-white collection of the original JONAH HEX run...weird western tales at their best. Forget the movie and read this instead.



 The movie version of “Hex” should have been rated R, made like a relatively cheap spaghetti Western instead of a PG-13 exercise with a budget said to have climbed to $50 million-$60 million, including reshoots. 

If Warners didn’t want to commit to a more down-and-dirty version, it shouldn’t have made the movie. In fact, what “Hex” should have been, and still could be, is a limited TV series on HBO, FX or TNT. It would have been about a bounty hunter who is barely better than the men he hunts but who occasionally shows a spark of humanity. 

Or maybe such a flop-tacular movie is a blessing in disguise…maybe every bad comic-book movie only reminds us of the ancient truth that THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN THE MOVIE

I, for one, am glad the failure of the Jonah Hex movie won’t effect the ongoing comic book series. I’ll take a good series over a good movie anyday. 

Ride on, Jonah! 



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