Adjust your videotronic device, pop open a tasty can of Slurm, kick back and enjoy.

FUTURAMA returns to TV tonight!

At one time it was the funniest show on TV besides The Simpsons…until it was cancelled back in ’03. But, like the irrepressible Family Guy, this show wouldn’t stay dead! Fans never stopped clambering for more Futurama as the series went into syndication on Cartoon Network and then Comedy Central. Futurama comic books were great, but we missed the stellar talents of the voice cast. DVD sales were terrific and spawned four new Futurama movies (which later aired on Comedy Central in half-hour segments). And now, the moment all us Fry-fans have been waiting for…a brand-new season of the show hits Comedy Central starting tonight!

I once described Futurama as “The Simpsons in the Future,” and that’s not far from accurate. Matt Groening’s brand of biting, subversive and intellectual humor permeates these tales of the time-displaced dullard and his future friends. For anyone who’s a hardcore Simpsons fan, how could you not love Futurama? The same topics that The Simpsons lampoon and satirize every week are lampooned and satirized by Futurama as well…albeit through the lens of science-fiction.

In fact, Futurama has a broader and bolder canvas because it can look back on a thousand years of human follies that we haven’t even made yet! As with ALL science-fiction (humorous or serious), it provides a lens through which we look at our own society. And, in the case of Futurama, it’s also damn funny. Tonight’s one-hour premiere is bound to please.

Here’s to the future. Welcome back Dr. Zoidberg!

“Watch FUTURAMA or Morbo will feast on your puny human brains!”