The final installment of THE WEIRD OF IRONSPELL, “The Breaking of the Weird” has just been posted at  This brings the novella to a close and finalizes Black Gate‘s first experiment with online fiction.

Although the story of Ironspell is done, there are some fascinating characters here to which I may return in the future. Tumnal the Swift must be lurking somewhere in the shadows of Arboria, snatching rare jewels or purloining opaque potions. Can Grobos the Bastard really be dead? He said himself that some sorcerers perish many times before leaving the world. Perhaps these questions will be answered by future tales…or perhaps not.

If you’re a fan of Ironspell, drop me a line and let me know…that will be all the encouragement I need to return to Arboria.

Yet there are many fantastic realms to explore…and many worlds to weave…writing is a sorcery all its own and not even the author knows where it will take him.

Okay, back to that novel I’m writing…