Welcome to my Official Website! This page will serve many functions: it’ll be a blog where I announce my latest projects, stories, and books; I’ll be venting every now and then; and I’ll sing the praises of the latest and greatest in books, comics, film, and music. In short, this is my Virtual Sanctuary, and a place where those who read my fiction can come and see what I’m up to next and comment on the topics of the day.

Here’s what’s up right now:

My heroic fantasy novella THE WEIRD OF IRONSPELL is now running in weekly chapters at www.blackgate.com  Check it out if you like classic sword-and-sorcery adventures in the flavor of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Lieber, Clark Ashton Smith, and Michael Moorcock. The first five chapters are up now with three more to follow. I also have a couple of stories scheduled for future print issues of BLACK GATE (you can subscribe at the web site).

I have a story called “This Is How the World Ends” in the DAW Books anthology CTHULHU’S REIGN, a collection of masterful horror stories dealing with the rise of H. P. Lovecraft’s most famous cosmic monster; specifically, what happens after Cthulhu rises up to conquer the world. Some amazing stories in here by Laird Barron, Ian Watson, Darrell Schweitzer, Jay Lake, and many more. Find it at your local bookstore as well as www.amazon.com

“The Thirteen Texts of Arthyria” is a tale of deep wizardry that explores the truth of the One True World lying behind the veil of illusion in which we all live. It will be featured in the forthcoming Prime Books anthology THE WAY OF WIZARD, edited by John Joseph Adams. Also in this collection will be stories by Neil Gaiman, Peter S. Beagle, and George R. R. Martin. It’s going to be a terrific book. Pre-order now at www.amazon.com

“The Taste of Starlight” (a gut-wrenching blend of science fiction and horror) will be in the October issue of the online magazine LIGHTSPEED. Check it out at: www.lightspeedmagazine.com 

“The Gnomes of Carrick County” will be appearing in a future issue of SPACE AND TIME magazine. This is a historical fantasy involving Irish immigrants crossing the untamed Cumberland Gap and the strange creatures who may have followed them from the Old Word. It’s the first story I’ve written set in my native state of Kentucky, albeit the Kentucky of 1779. The mag’s site is: http://spaceandtimemagazine.com/wp/

My graphic novel PRIMORDIA has be rescheduled for release as an “ultimate hardcover edition” this fall from Archaia Comics. The original 3-issue series is pretty hard to find these days, and the hardcover collection will include many cool extras such as pin-ups by guest artists, a new PRIMORDIA short story by me, behind-the-scenes designs, and a new wrap-around cover by artist extraordinaire Roel Wielinga. You can preview some of the pages at my old site: www.myspace.com/primordiacomic

In the past few years, my fiction has appeared in WEIRD TALES, BLACK GATE, SPACE AND TIME, as well as the comics ZOMBIE TALES and CTHULHU TALES. I’m always looking to penetrate new markets with my stories, and I’ll make announcements on this blog to let everybody know where my latest tales will be appearing.

My high-fantasy novel SEVEN PRINCES is currently being represented by my agent Bob Mecoy. www.bobmecoy.com/


John R. Fultz